This is the first in a series of etchings that will be dealing with atheist and humanist themes.  There is a companion print to the exploding demon that is the falling angel - I had hoped to have it ready for this, but it is only now ready for the acid bath.  Give it a week.  

     The falling angel is called 'god is on your side,' and refers to much cherished beliefs that will fall away with the coming of the golden godless age heralded by rational thought.  The end of an erroneous god evoked to give weight to a cause.  The end of looking to a contradictory sacred text backed up by obscure omnipotence for righteousness.

     The exploding demon represents the other side of the coin.  It is long held evils and prejudices that just disappear with the exposure to reason.  This exploding demon is 'the love that dares not speak it's name'.  Being Queer myself I have long wondered at the 'problem' that is homosexuality.  What most amazes me about it, is that as soon as you decide that it isn't a problem - it just goes away.  It doesn't require money or effort just goodwill kindness and acceptance as part of what being human is all about.  

acrylic on canvas,                                                    2000.

This painting is sort of where you start when you get a radical non-deist perspective - and have a sense of humour.  It's angry with the ridiculous pretensions and claims made by Christianity and it's churches.  I'm of non-believing stock and have never taken religion seriously.  I find it bewildering when people do.  I find it difficult see beyond the non-sence being spouted. It's the Christian stance on homosexuality, and the fact that religion is threatening rational thought that has radicalized me to the point of actually fighting faith based thinking.

This painting mocks and non too subtly.  The Pope clutching scrolls, one assumes of sacred wisdom, and resplendent in glittering reignments sits astride a vanishing unicorn.  Fairies hold aloft a banner proclaiming his infallibility and in the background the vatican appears to be made of children's blocks.  An indistinct army in fancy dress support the Pontiff's stand.

Infallible since 1870 is a little cartoon like, while making references to grand baroque portraiture.  This picture satirizes, and therefore must be considered a negative painting.

The Progression of an Idea - atheist to humanist​


​acrylic on canvas,                                                             1750.


 © Scott Wilson Art for Atheism.


This painting has a much more positive message, and for this reason alone I prefer it.   This painting celebrates the discovery of optics and the burst of human advancement that was the enlightenment.  Newton is given a nod with the comet.  This painting puts human inquiry on a pedestal.

'Optics' also pleases me for technique reasons.  If this entices you to look further into my work, you'll see that patterns, geometric and organic interest me.  I really, really, like the use of a bacteria slide for the globe.  It balances off geometric star-scape that implies an order to the universe.  The patterns reference the discovery of the very small and the very far.  This painting is about the beginnings of the modern scientific age - I suppose I've just arbitrarily decided that.  In any case it's a far better headspace for fighting the good fight.

​​​Scott Wilson